Session abstract

Information retrieval and multimedia content access have a long history of comparative evaluation and many of the advances in the area over the past decade can be attributed to the availability of open datasets that support comparative and repeatable experimentation.  Sharing data and code to allow other researchers to replicate research results is needed in the multimedia modelling field; this, in turn, will help improve the performance of systems and the reproducibility of published papers. Consequently, a website ( has been created which archives the papers and links to the datasets from the MDRE special sessions.

The MDRE’21 special session at MMM’21, the third in the MDRE series, presents an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to submit their datasets to this track, making their work permanently available and citable via the forum, as well as to increase the public awareness of their considerable efforts. Together with the dataset, authors are asked to provide a paper describing its motivation, design, and usage, a brief summary of the experiments performed to date on the dataset, as well as discussing the way it can be useful to the community.  We may additionally accept a small number of position papers of high quality, which we believe can significantly impact multimedia datasets in the future, by addressing various aspects of the dataset creation and release process. We will prefer position papers that are backed up by recent results, which could be already published or appear first in the MDRE submission.

Information for authors

We seek high-quality submissions of length up to 12 pages. We invite a variety of submissions to the special session:

  • Dataset papers: These papers should present recent and impactful datasets that would be of interest to the MMM community.
  • Position papers: These papers can address various aspects of the creation, release or use of multimedia datasets.

All papers must represent original and unpublished work that is not currently under review.

Special session papers will supplement the regular research papers and will be included in the proceedings of MMM 2021 and the datasets will be indexed by the MDRE website ( For more information on submitting a paper to the special session, please visit the Authors Guidelines page of the main MMM conference.


Cathal Gurrin, Dublin City University, Ireland
Duc-Tien Dang-Nguyen, University of Bergen, Norway
Björn Þór Jónsson, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Klaus Schoeffmann, Klagenfurt University, Austria)