ID Track Title
1 1 Crossed-Time Delay Neural Network for Speaker Recognition
5 1 An Asymmetric Two-sided Penalty Term for CT-GAN
6 1 Fast Discrete Matrix Factorization Hashing for Large-Scale Cross-Modal Retrieval
7 1 Fast Optimal Transport Artistic Style Transfer
8 1 Stacked Sparse Autoencoder for Audio Object Coding
9 1 A collaborative multi-modal fusion method based on random variational information bottleneck for gesture recognition
17 1 Frame Aggregation and Multi-Modal Fusion Framework for Video-Based Person Recognition
21 1 An Adaptive Face-Iris Multimodal Identification System based on Quality Assessment Network
24 1 Thermal Face Recognition based on Multi-Scale Image Synthesis
26 1 Contrastive Learning in Frequency Domain for Non-I.I.D. Image Classification
29 1 Group Activity Recognition by Exploiting Position Distribution and Appearance Relation
31 1 Multi-branch and Multi-scale Attention Learning for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
35 1 Dense Attention-guided Network for Boundary-aware Salient Object Detection
36 1 MSCANet: Adaptive Multi-scale Context Aggregation Network for Congested Crowd Counting
38 1 Generative Image Inpainting By Hybrid Contextual Attention Network
41 1 Atypical Lyrics Completion Considering Musical Audio Signals
45 1 Satellite cloud images based tropical cyclones tracking: database and comprehensive study
47 1 Improving Supervised Cross-modal Retrieval with Semantic Graph Embedding
51 1 Confidence-based Global Attention Guided Network for Image Inpainting
55 1 Multi-Task Deep Learning for No-Reference Screen Content Image Quality Assessment
56 1 Image Registration Improved by Generative Adversarial Networks
57 1 Language Person Search with Pair-based Weighting Loss
62 1 Deep 3D Modeling of Human Bodies from Freehand Sketching
65 1 DeepFusion: Deep Ensembles for Domain Independent System Fusion
66 1 Illuminate Low-light Image Via Coarse-to-fine Multi-level Network
69 1 MM-Net: Learning Adaptive Meta-Metric for Few-Shot Biometric Recognition
74 1 A Sentiment Similarity-oriented Attention Model with Multi-task Learning for Text-based Emotion Recognition
76 1 Locating Visual Explanations for Video Question Answering
79 1 Global Cognition and Local Perception Network for Blind Image Deblurring
80 1 Multi-grained Fusion for Conditional Image Retrieval
81 1 A Hybrid Music Recommendation Algorithm Based on Attention Mechanism
85 1 Few-shot Learning With Unlabeled Outlier Exposure
86 1 Fine-Grained Video Deblurring with Event Camera
88 1 Discriminative and Selective Pseudo-Labeling for Domain Adaptation
92 1 Multi-level Gate Feature Aggregation with Spatially Adaptive Batch-Instance Normalization for Semantic Image Synthesis
94 1 Robust Multispectral Pedestrian Detection via Uncertain-Aware Cross-Modal Learning
96 1 Time-dependent Body Gesture Representation for Video Emotion Recognition
97 1 Two-stage Real-time Multi-object Tracking with Candidate Selection
99 1 MusiCoder: A Universal Music-Acoustic Encoder Based on Transformers
102 1 DANet: Deformable Alignment Network for Video Inpainting
103 1 Deep Centralized Cross-modal Retrieval
104 1 Shot Boundary Detection through Multi-stage Deep Convolution Neural Network
106 1 Towards Optimal Multirate Encoding for HTTP Adaptive Streaming
108 1 Tell as You Imagine: Sentence Imageability-aware Image Captioning
117 1 Fast Mode Decision Algorithm for Intra Prediction of the 3rd Generation Audio Video Coding Standard
120 1 Graph Structure Reasoning Network for Face Alignment and Reconstruction
126 1 Game Input with Delay – A Model for the Time to Select a Moving Target with a Mouse
127 1 Unsupervised Temporal Attention Summarization Model for User Created Videos
130 1 Learning from the Negativity: Deep Negative Correlation Meta-Learning for Adversarial Image Classification
135 1 Deep Face Swapping via Cross-Identity Adversarial Training
138 1 Res2-Net: an Enhanced Network for Generalized Nuclear Segmentation in Pathological Images
143 1 Automatic Diagnosis of Glaucoma on Color Fundus Images Using Adaptive Mask Deep Network
144 1 Learning 3D-Craft Generation with Predictive Action Neural Network
145 1 Unsupervised Multi-shot Person Re-identification via Dynamic Bi-directional Normalized Sparse Representation
146 1 Classifier Belief Optimization For Visual Categorization
147 1 Initialize with Mask: For More Efficient Federated Learning
154 1 Fine-grained Generation for Zero-Shot Learning
155 1 Unsupervised Gaze: Exploration of Geometric Constraints for 3D Gaze Estimation
166 1 Fine-grained Image-Text Retrieval via Complementary Feature Learning
184 1 Considering Human Perception and Memory in Interactive Multimedia Retrieval Evaluations
192 1 Median Pooling Grad-CAM: An Efficient Inference Level Visual Explanation for CNN Networks in Remote Sensing Image Classification
195 1 Multi-granularity Recurrent Attention Graph Neural Network for Few-shot learning
197 1 Learning Multi-level Interaction Relations and Feature Representations for Group Activity Recognition
201 1 A Structured Feature Learning Model for Clothing Keypoints Localization
206 1 Automatic Pose Quality Assessment for Adaptive Human Pose Refinement
211 1 Deep Attributed Network Embedding with Community Information
214 1 An acceleration framework for super-resolution network via region difficulty self-adaption
215 1 Spatial Gradient Guided Learning and Semantic Relation Transfer for Facial Landmark Detection
216 1 EEG Emotion Recognition Based on Channel Attention for E-Healthcare Applications
222 1 The MovieWall: A New Interface for Browsing Large Video Collections
224 1 DVRCNN: Dark Video Post-Processing Method for VVC
226 1 An Efficient Image Transmission Pipeline for Multimedia Services
229 1 Gaussian Mixture Model Based Semi-supervised Sparse Representation for Face Recognition
124 2 Using Keystroke Dynamics as Part of Lifelogging
148 2 HTAD: A Home-Tasks Activities Dataset with Wrist-accelerometer and Audio Features
164 2 MNR-Air: An Economic and Dynamic Crowdsourcing Mechanism to Collect Personal Lifelog and Surrounding Environment Dataset. A Case Study in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
177 2 Kvasir-Instrument: Diagnostic and therapeutic tool segmentation dataset in gastrointestinal endoscopy
209 2 CatMeows: A Publicly-Available Dataset of Cat Vocalizations
50 3 Search and Explore Strategies for Interactive Analysis of Real-Life Image Collections with Unknown and Unique Categories
174 3 Graph-based Indexing and Retrieval of Lifelog Data
193 3 On Fusion of Learned and Designed Features for Video Data Analytics
196 3 SMILe: Interactive Learning on Mobile Phones
70 4 A multimodal tensor-based late fusion approach for satellite image search in Sentinel 2 images
107 4 Canopy height estimation from spaceborne imagery using convolutional encoder-decoder
156 4 Implementation of a Random Forest classifier for testing wildfire predictive modelling in Greece using diachronically collected fire occurrence and fire mapping data
48 5 Mobile eHealth Platform for Home Monitoring of Bipolar Disorder
82 5 Multimodal Sensor Data Analysis for Detection of Risk Situations of Fragile People in @home Environments
109 5 Towards the Development of a Trustworthy Chatbot for Mental Health Applications
122 5 Fusion of multimodal sensor data for effective human action recognition in the service of a medicine-oriented platform
137 6 SpotifyGraph: Visualisation of User’sPreferences in Music
191 6 A System for Interactive Multimedia Retrieval Evaluations
13 7 SQL-like interpretable interactive video search
234 7 VERGE in VBS 2021
235 7 NoShot Video Browser at VBS2021
236 7 Exquisitor at the Video Browser Showdown 2021: Relationships Between Semantic Classifiers
237 7 VideoGraph – Towards using Knowledge Graphs for Interactive Video Retrieval
238 7 IVIST: Interactive Video Search Tool in VBS 2021
239 7 Video Search With Collage Queries
240 7 Towards Explainable Interactive Multi-Modal Video Retrieval with vitrivr
241 7 Competitive Interactive Video Retrieval in Virtual Reality with vitrivr-VR
242 7 An Interactive Video Search Tool: A Case Study using the V3C1 Dataset
243 7 Less is More – diveXplore 5.0 at VBS 2021
244 7 SOMHunter V2 at Video Browser Showdown 2021
245 7 W2VV++ BERT Model at VBS 2021
246 7 VISIONE at Video Browser Showdown 2021
247 7 IVOS – The ITEC Interactive Video Object Search System at VBS2021
248 7 Video search with sub-image keyword transfer using existing image archives
249 7 A VR Interface for Browsing Visual Spaces at VBS2021