Author Fee Refunds

Since the conference was switched to fully virtual, the organizers reduced registration fees and will refund 11000CZK of the already paid regular author registration fees to the participants. However, participants have to apply for the refund below before June 15, 2021.

To minimize bank transfer costs, registered authors can fill up to five new non-author registrations in the refund form. Each new non-author registration will decrease the amount to be refunded by 2200 CZK.

Non-author Registration

The following table presents reduced registration fees for regular (non-author) and student (non-author) registrations.  Please register before June 15!

(until June 15, 2021)
Regular (non-author) 3000 CZK (approx. €120)
Student(non-author) 2200 CZK (approx. €88)

Registration Form

Before registering please check daily or monthly limits of your cards as well as the limit for internet transaction. Please note that the amount for the registration fee may exceed the online payment options. Please don’t forget to agree with the conditions in Step 1 and mark the appropriate sum in Step 2.

All fees are charged/refunded in CZK. The currency change may vary according to the actual bank conditions.

Confirmation (invoice) of your payment will be sent by e-mail within five days after receiving the payment to our account.

For invoices please check also your spam folder for messages from .