Session Chair

Luca Rossetto


  • #24 Thermal Face Recognition based on Multi-Scale Image Synthesis.
    • Wei-Ta Chu and Ping-Shen Huang
  • #55 Multi-Task Deep Learning for No-Reference Screen Content Image Quality Assessment.
    • Rui Gao, Ziqing Huang and Shigang Liu
  • #45 Tropical Cyclones Tracking Based on Satellite Cloud Images: Database and Comprehensive Study.
    • Cheng Huang, Sixian Chan, Cong Bai, Weilong Ding and Jinglin Zhang
  • #51 Confidence-based Global Attention Guided Network for Image Inpainting.
    • Zhilin Huang, Chujun Qin, Lei Li, Ruixin Liu and Yuesheng Zhu
  • #92 Multi-level Gate Feature Aggregation with Spatially Adaptive Batch-Instance Normalization for Semantic Image Synthesis.
    • Jia Long and Hongtao Lu
  • #7 Fast Optimal Transport Artistic Style Transfer.
    • Ting Qiu, Ziang Liu, Xuanhong Chen and Bingbing Ni