Session Chair

Werner Bailer


  • #21 An Adaptive Face-Iris Multimodal Identification System based on Quality Assessment Network.
    • Zhengding Luo, Qinghua Gu, Guoxiong Su and Yuesheng Zhu
  • #166 Fine-grained Image-Text Retrieval via Complementary Feature Learning.
    • Min Zheng and Qingyong Li
  • #215 Spatial Gradient Guided Learning and Semantic Relation Transfer for Facial Landmark Detection.
    • Jian Wang, Yaoyi Li and Hongtao Lu
  • #103 Deep Centralized Cross-modal Retrieval.
    • Zhenyu Wen and Aimin Feng
  • #201 A Structured Feature Learning Model for Clothing Keypoints Localization.
    • Ruhan He, Yuyi Su, Tao Peng, Zili Zhang, Jia Chen and Xinrong Hu
  • #120 Graph Structure Reasoning Network for Face Alignment and Reconstruction.
    • Xing Wang, Xinyu Li and Suping Wu