Author or Early Regular Registration

We ask at least one author of each accepted paper to register using the Registration/Payment Form and pay the author registration fee on-line by a credit card. Although the Form includes also the payment option using a bank transfer, this method is not possible due to the long transfer times and high bank fees.

The registration fee includes all usual services and features provided at physical conferences. We strongly believe MMM is heading to a physical event in Prague (that was the reason for moving it to June). However, in case the conference needs to be switched to virtual, the organizers will reduce registration fees and will refund part of the already paid registration fees to the participants.

Every accepted paper must have one author registration paid (otherwise the paper will not be included in the proceedings). All payments have to be realized before November 15, 2020 December 1, 2020, to guarantee the publishing of the article in Springer Proceedings. When your company/institute is a VAT payee fill in VAT registration No. to the appropriate item. Please notice that one has to agree with the conditions. Without this consent, the registration won’t be completed.

Before registering please check daily or monthly limits of your cards as well as the limit for internet transaction. Please note that the amount for the registration fee usually exceeds the online payment options. Please don’t forget to agree with the conditions in the Step 1 and mark the sum of 19000 CZK in the Step 2.

Registration Form


Even though we give the approximate ranges in EUR all fees will be charged in CZK. The currency change may vary according to the actual bank conditions.

Confirmation (invoice) of your payment will be sent by e-mail within five days after receiving the payment to our account.

For invoices please check also your spam folder for messages from .

(until November 15, 2020)
Author 19000CZK (approx. €717)